No Signup Fee , No Monthly Commitment

Pay only for what you use. More importantly - Pay only after success.
Enjoy Invotiate Services for Free Until 30 September 2018.

Pay As You Go

INR 999 Per Successful Negotiation.
  • Unlimited Offer Initiation
  • Inbuilt Collection Manager
  • Unlimited Data Storage*
  • Actively Engaged Online Support
  • Advance bulk negotiation with File upload
  • Multi Profile Management with one login
  • Billed and Collected Daily


Custom Pricing
  • Volume Discount
  • Account Management
  • Custom Reporting with Predictive Analysis
  • Dedicated Support
  • On Demand Integration


Who pays the fee?

Ans.: The party that initiates the offer – be it the buyer or seller - pays the fee.

Do I pay a fee for accepting the offer?

Ans. No, you do not pay any fee for accepting the offer.

Will I be paying a fee for initiating the offer?

Ans. No. Initiating the offer is absolutely fee. You only pay when the negotiation is successful.

What do you mean by successful negotiation?

Ans. A successful negotiation is when both the parties – the initiator and the recipient - accept the offer.

In which currency will Invotiate raise an invoice towards me?

Ans. Under Beta Launch, Invotiate will be available to Indian registered clients and can billed in INR only. Post Beta, Billing in USD will be available for Non Indian registered clients.

Is there an additional service tax over and above the pricing?

Ans.: No, the fees are inclusive of service taxes.

How is the fee calculated for bulk negotiation?

Ans.: With bulk negotiation, you will be able to combine multiple invoices due on the same date into a batch. Each batch is presented as an offer, giving you tons of savings.