“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last you create what you will.”

― George Bernard Shaw

Invotiate is the fortuitous result of happenstance, friendship, and like- mindedness. It was born of a common thread running through the lives of its founding members, which has sewn each of their respective talents to create a platform that allows businesses to work together for a common betterment.

The financial crisis brought strain to otherwise sound supply chains, and it was all too apparent how interconnected trade and commerce had become over the last century. Many companies, banks, and financial institutions tried to fill the need with solutions that only partially addressed the issues.

As the demand for supply chain finance and optimization programs grew, many others followed suit in the hopes of capturing their share of the pie. This led to many of the same products and programs being offered to only a select few companies, excluding the very customers that needed help.

Over many weekends and late nights (with frequent coffee breaks), we developed our industry leading process-flow and user interface in an effort to help suppliers and customers use their working capital more effectively and leverage both better returns and eliminate the need for borrowing.

Being well versed in supply chain programs, the team at Invotiate understood that the issue facing suppliers and buyers was one of communication and coordination. As such, our platform is designed to be a user-friendly tool to connect multiple stakeholders within the procurement process happening across multiple parties around the globe. It does not change payment methods, provide financing, or interrupt your current business processes.

We are based in the Bay Area, the cradle and home to many of the largest and most innovative companies in the world. Our team is continuing to expand and, in a very short time, we have developed a robust sales arm in India. We have 46+ Years of combined banking experience embedded a sense of continuous improvement from the beginning, and expect to expand our offering in the coming year.

Helping us in our quest is our technology partner- Clovity.

Clovity handles the huge technological requirement that a platform of such scale entails. Within its own field, Clovity is an industry leader. From state-of- the-art enterprise solutions to IoT and Big Data analytics, they manage all the operations with ease and surety. We especially benefit from the thought leadership they provide.

Welcome to our journey. Be part of the movement to change how businesses manage working capital in the 21st century. As a part of our welcome offer, we invite you to try our platform for free. It’s the best way for you to experience the ease of use and utility we bring to negotiations.

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