What is Invotiate?
Invotiate is a new-age platform that’s taking sales terms into the 21st century. It helps businesses negotiate invoice payments in real time.
Is Invotiate an invoicing tool?
It's a platform to enhance your existing invoice process. You can continue to generate invoices like you do now and leverage the platform to make static payment terms a thing of the past.
Why would I use it?
If you own or work for a business that extends or receives payment terms, Invotiate can help you save money and improve your working capital.
So can I use Invotiate to offer early discounts?
Negotiating a discount for early payment is just one of the options available to you. Depending upon your working capital need you may also request an extension of payment terms for a premium, or maybe just setup an invoice to be presented for collection and follow-up reminders.
Will Invotiate also facilitate payment post negotiation?
Invotiate is a negotiation tool; plain and simple. All your existing payment and invoice creation processes can remain intact. All successful negotiations will have unique transaction code for your audit and reconciliation processes.
Okay, but how is it different from doing it personally by calling my trade partner?
With Invotiate, you don’t have to make the effort of conducting to-and-fro discussions for each invoice. Unlike a one-to-one negotiation, you simply upload your single invoice (or bulk upload your invoices), and be done! The automated systems at Invotiate will do all the nego-tiations on your behalf and bring you the final deal.
I’m interested. Help me understand how I can save money.
It's pretty simple. Take a single invoice and offer your supplier cash now for a discount on the invoice amount. Conversely, if you need to pay later you can present your supplier for a premium offer to extend the invoice terms. All this works seamlessly through the platform for both buyers and suppliers.
Why would my vendor accept a discount?
Working capital cycles are dynamic and the discount you offer may be a better option for your vendor than bank borrowing or capital costs. There a several reasons and the only way to know for sure is to make the offer.
So how does the process work?
Just key in invoice details, upload them, set your parameters, and the offer rate is sent via email. Our negotiation engine does the legwork for you to reach a successful deal based on the rate range you set. That's pretty much it.
How do I know if my offer has been accepted?
We will send you an email confirmation once the offer is accepted. We will also update your Invotiate dashboard on real-time basis. Just click and review.
What if my offer is not accepted?
There could be many reasons why your offer was rejected. Invotiate team will continue to follow up. Additionally, our system gives you complete flexibility to revisit or revise the offer any time before the maturity date. Remember, your offers are always alive with Invotiate.
What if I receive an offer but do not have the money? Will Invotiate provide financing?
Our long-term goal is to also provide users with financing option, but as of now, that’s not available. If the offer is attractive, you can seek financing under your existing arrangement and negotiate over your borrowing cost on Invotiate.
How can I be sure that Invotiate will give me the best results?
Invotiate offers you the power of Big Data through an advanced machine-learning algorithm. System takes into consideration several data-points for negotiation. You can set strict parameters for it and our systems will confirm the deal only if the final solution falls within those guidelines.
Great. But what if I am dealing with trade partners from more than one industry?
Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. You can raise as many invoices as you want with as many clients as you please. You’ll still get the same amount of machine learning support each time. In fact, the more you use our platform, the better the algorithms will get at understanding your style and requirement.
The likeliness of accepting a discount offer varies. How will Invotiate account for that?
Well, it’s not a standardized model. Invotiate tracks local and national negotiations across industries. We crunch the numbers and give you an estimate of the current asking rate in your industry. You can study the numbers and make an informed decision of your own.
Great! How do I start using this?
Good decision :) You can sign up by clicking below.

Data Safety

We understand that the data you’re providing us is sensitive. For this reason, we have two layers of security. We begin by authenticating the services as a whole. In addition, the Application is also secured by using token-based algorithms.

Unless you authenticate the token, the system will not recognize you as an authorized user. Your access to the Application will be revoked and you will be directed to the ‘Access Denied’ Page as an error.

The Application is protected by an https-secured protocol that uses SSL certification at both ends (client and server). We will also encrypt your personal Information with 128-bit encryption process so that it remains 100% impervious to virus and malware attacks on the Internet.